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Kelly Cathey

11 months ago

Kelly Cathey is a school counselor at Williston Middle School. She has a degree in Sociology and English from California State University San Bernardino, which was perfect for her stepping into studying Education and specializing in School Counseling. She has been working for schools since 1990, initially teaching in elementary schools and, for the past few years, working as a school counselor, the perfect job for her.

“It is my goal to make people smile while they learn because I want everyone to be happy and smart at the same time. 

Meeting and making new friends, learning about different cultures and trying unusual foods are things I enjoy. I love the United States and like to drive around the country to see its beauty. Currently, I am learning how to make quilts, belong to a photography club, and interested in anthropology and ancient history.”

Fun Fact: One winter I challenged myself to walk across Alaska from December to May.

head shot of Kelly Cathy
Kelly Cathey, Williston Middle School Counselor
Phone: 701-572-5618
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Kelly Cathey, Counselor
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